2013 Dome happenings

We have been busy from the middle of December and into the NEW YEAR

so I will try to catch up with all that has been happening.

Plumbing!  We have been playing with the plumbing… which means the bath tubs and showers.  Oh! such fun!


drainage is important... pitch is set here










This is the process to set the pitch for drainage


shower with plasticshower and smiles










Cliff has been working on the plastic sheeting and seems pretty happy about his progress.


tubs in boxes ready to go









Here both tubs are eager and ready to put into place

hallway tubmaster tub









The hallway tub is on the left and the master bath is on the right.  Both are jacuzzies and heaters!  I can hardly wait to get in and soak!

This takes up and through Feb.

In March, Cliff has been busy with the deck that comes off the back side of the house.  The deck comes from the kitchen/bedroom areas to over look the wetlands.


before the deckdeck posts  6x6x12








These are photos before Cliff got into high gear with the deck.  The left you can see where he has been busy with the posts.  On the right, a better photo of the 6x6x12 posts.  Eash are secured to a concrete foundation that is 30″x30″x12″ with 1/2″ rebar.


Cliff has to get the Floor Joists in place for the Deck. Originally we planned for a 10 foot deck, then we found a gazebo that was 10×10… so we are now planning a 12 foot deck- just to be sure we have enough space.

As you can see, Cliff has moved many of  the 2x10x12 boards in place.  But, you may ask ‘HOW?’

OK……I will share his secret with you!


deck 8









You can see him with his ladder against the house.   Each piece of wood weighs about 70 pounds

deck 7deck 6








deck 6deck 4b








deck 4adeck 3









He slowly moves the board up the rungs until he can lift it into the ‘hanger’ he had placed a few weeks ago.


deck 2deck-1









He checks to be sure it is level. The rest is history.  He has 26 of these joists in place!

Come back soon… watch our progress!

Oops!  it is Sept …..I have been bad in not getting photos up… he HAS finished the deck!   [actually in May] but I got photos to show you :>

Cliff has been working on the Front Porch roof….  first he has to put up the 4x4x8’s


After all 4 were up… it was time for more ‘overhead’ work.  You will see why Cliff did this all by himself! He would not let me climb up on top!



There is alot of climbing up and down the ladder on this project.

fp 6




Finally, only 1 left to put in place.  I asked ‘how does one person put this up without help?  Here is how:

last one upfp 9

First he placed the board up on the left side, with the rafter hanger attached, then nailed into the beam.  On the right, you see him nailing it with a nifty palm air hammer! And the last board is UP!  But there is more to a roof than rafters.



that is a portable saw in his hand  :>

fp14again his palm hammer  :>


















ok  eventually we got to this









but, I will say it again….. there is more to a roof!  There is felt paper and shingles.

air form matieral seals to dome








First Cliff attaches a piece of air form to the arc over the door area.  This piece will help keep water from the roof.

felt paper in place!







This is the felt paper in place.

felt paper down and shingles up







Here are some of the shingles coming up to join the party.  We chose ‘Sandstone’ .. silly us, no one except a low flying plane will see them!

finished at the front







The side view towards the road, and the shingles are secured to the dome with roof cement  [the best name I have for the stuff in the tube at this time!]

shingles attached with roof cement








Eventually, it was time to enjoy the view in the shade. I think I will try to find a way to screen in the ‘new’ room!  It may just be my favorite  :>