Yoga and Stress

YOGA and Stress… finally proof that it helps!

We know Stress is cumulative and occurs in many areas of our bodies.  This is significant proof that stress relief can occur without medication. Yoga is an active meditation.  On the CBS Morning news 8-6-10, this News Segment caught my attention. Research helps validate the findings.  This is exciting news!

[Please excuse the 15 sec segment preceeding the information]

It also gives me confidence to say Creative Energy is a stress reduction technique.

Zentangle is Artful Meditation and often done in a similar setting as Yoga.  You may be working alone or in a group, but you are focused on YOUR work.  This equates to Yoga in several ways.  Perhaps someday there will be a research project to validate this theory.

We have the research that shows Nutrition helps reduce Stress at the cellular level. To read the info:  check out the RESEARCH tab and call me to be healthier.