Calcium supplements are NOT your friend

Calcium Supplements are NOT your friend!

CBS  This Morning May 24, 2012

How many of us ‘older’ women are advised to protect ourselves from osteopenia  and osteoporosis with Calcium?  Calcium comes in many supplement forms… please watch the CBS This Morning  video  from May 24,  2012. It is a real eye-opener!   [please excuse the 30 second commerical preceeding the video]

If you read the front of  a bottle of D3 supplement capsules, it says it ‘supports Teeth, Bone and Immune Health’.  Wow!  That sounds great!  Right?  Hold on, on the back of the bottle, close to the bottom and in smaller letters,  it states that ‘this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.’  Then, please  explain  why millions of people are adivised to take it to ‘treat’ osteopenia or osteoporosis?

Dr. Steinbaum says nutrition and weight bearing exercises are much safer for bone protection.

Check out  ‘Foods rich in Calcium’ and you will find a list of healthy foods that will provide calcium without the ‘flooding’ descirbed by Dr. Steinbaum.

The Vegetables high in calcium in Juice Plus are Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Spinach, Parsley and Beets.  Juice Plus is the next best thing to Fruits and Vegetables.  If this makes sense to you… contact me:  today to begin a healthier journey!