2012 at the dome

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We started out the year  with a bit more on the plumbing….


Now we have more windows in….  the process was as follows:









Here is Friday -Jan 6










When I arrived on Sat to help, Cliff had ‘opened up’ and prepped the area quite well!










When working on the windows, we usually need the ladder, so  UP it went.










Since the outside wall is a big curve, Cliff needed to encourage the board to curve….









The ledger is a straight board but must curve around the building and that is why we had the ‘dead teeter-totter’ look.  With some moisture and heavy weights, it worked!









AH, the curve works!









Cliff worked to put up the floor joist  … the hangers  are in place….









He had 6x6x12 foot posts to get into position and make sure they are level!  So far, so good!









Then came the floor beam, which was placed in position on top of the post.  This was tricky!  But he figured it out.  I really was there to help, but no photos of ME helping  LOL







After a full days work, we called it quits… back tomorrow for more fun!










He has been working hard on this platform and here it is from the TOP view, and you can see pond B.  On most days, we have a few friendly ducks visiting it.










He is waving at me on the top ..wow, it is a long way down!  But one day at a time :>








Finally, he said he has finished the platform [for now]  it has a nice border all around it  with multiple braces in place.   Now he has started the next phase of the stairs.























It took several days to get it all done… at times, it took crawling UNDER  the stairs.   The landing was completed then he painted the cut edges of the wood.  He  prepped the ground for the concrete,  placed the posts and secured them –including the rebar.   He has put together the E-Z steps and they WORK!   Soon, he will tackle the upper stairs.   4.24.2012










In the meantime, we did a change over with the Electric pole!  This is the OLD pole… on the left.   On the right is the new one!   Nice.. huh?










Stairs WORK!   He was still  working on the next set of steps when I ‘sat and tested’ these.   Next photo shows you CAN climb the stairs to no-where!   We have been talking about the front door. As soon as we know, we will post it.  









After the stairs were pretty much finished, it was time to give the passion vine a nicer place to live.  This is a plant we grew from seeds.  We have the original plant and had ‘home-grown’ fruit!  last year.   YUM!   I ate lots of these on Maui when Cliff was living / working there.  I hope to have a large arbor of edible Passion Vine.. this is a good start


Ok,  time to work on framing upstairs…  May 29.  Here we have some cross ventilation.  With 90+ degree weather and high humidity, it is nice to be inside.  Love the breeze thru the windows, too!





[Left] This is the elevator shaft and the back of the pantry as viewed from the bedroom.

[Right] This is the same area viewed from the living room. [still looking for that photo]   5/29









It is nice to be working on something you love to do. This is one photo I really like!  When Cliff gets to the Dome, he is in good spirits, eager to ‘figure out’ the next step in the process.  I caught him coming up the inside ladder with a smile and a bucket of nails.










Cliff has been busy, framing in the pantry and then the wall between the master bedroom and kitchen.










Then it came time for the master bedroom doorway.  We debated how wide a door should we choose.  I guess the fun part of building a house is we get to decide.. even at the last minute   LOL  On the left, you can see the doorway frame in progress.  On the right, finally, with the header in place, up it went and is now secured in place.  5/31/12

Ok… June started with a blast!










Cliff has started the wall for the hall way that  separates the offices .  It was raining enough today [yeah!] and he could not open all the windows, so it was rather warm today…  so this was it for today!     6-1-12









6-2- we bought 20 more pieces of wood for today’s work…  Cliff did the Wall between the Offices and Living Room including the doorways for both offices. [left]  From the window/wall perspective,[right]  you can see the doorway into the hall between the offices.  He has claimed the office on the Left from this view.    At this rate, he will have most of the framing done for the walls, then will work on ceilings.  Not all the rooms will be open to the domed ceiling.   The ceiling — at the very center– is 22 feet high.  Painting is going to be a ‘thrill’!



June and July and a bit of August… we did the front stairs!









This is the end result of many hours of sweat and Cliff is happy to be heading home for the day.  There is more work to do before we get a real door, but it will happen…











On August 18, Cliff came home and said he had FINISHED the porch and stairs to the front door!    YEAH… now back to framing inside on the 2nd floor  :>


October,  we have more framing done…

but the front door needs some attention…









Cliff put concrete at the front door using a barrier to keep it from seeping and leaking.  This took several trips of buckets of concrete — about 60 pounds PER bucket– mixed down stairs  in  a wheel barrow then carried up the ladder and put in place.  WHEW, makes me tired thinking of it!


He also put in the last segment of the office  wall to the left  of the front door:





The short segment of wall is a nice place for a bench and hat rack.. in the future, that is!

put photo here…. opps, this photo was in the old phone/camera… sorry!

Here is the ceiling for my office




The anchor goes to the pressure treated board on the wall which it concrete.  He puts an anchor every 6-8 inches, which is called a  [opps.. will add this next time… mind is blank]

These have a joist hanger to hold the 2x8x12 board [but cut to size and of course, no two boards are ever the same length or same angle — just to keep him on his toes.  OH the fun of a round house!

With a bit of patience and re-cutting, they all work AND it is all level.





Cliff is putting in the ceiling in the office as there will be a storage space up here.


I will add the completion of the kitchen wall to the curved wall soon… just have to find the photos…

then the photos of the enclosed elevator shaft!  WOooo WHOooooo!


He is building the wall to the ceiling!  Which you may remember it 22 feet high.  Here is the segment along the Master Bedroom and Master Bath.






Master Bath Work

Cliff had to build the base for the whirl pool tub.  Since I have fibro, the heat of bath or shower water is a major issue.  We both loved our hot tub in the past, but it is not an easy thing to do with the way this house is built.  So we are investing in a tub with a heater.  Besides the tub, we built the walk in shower in such a way to help us if we ever need to access the shower by wheel chair  OR if we get another big dog.   Getting our Rotti Max into the shower was a hoot and a hernia!



Bath base

ok… got to find this photo  :>   ok, it is in the OLD phone/camera, too… sorry. You will just have to see the tub in the base Next Year :>

Shower work







WOW, we are building the Master Bedroom Closet!









Cliff and Mike are hard at work  (& having FUN) building the closet.  They came up with the idea of using the ceiling as a way to get the wall to the ceiling!  [thanks Mike!]


Back to the CEILING again .. now that there is a place to stand for the ladder to reach the ceiling.. well, some of it.  Cliff still will come up with a form of scaffolding.

December 3, 2012








Cliff finished 1/2 of the ‘to the ceiling’ work!

Today was an exciting day! Cliff put in a shelf to help him finish the work.  He had a 2×4 to ‘balance on’ otherwise… not too smart.

Here is the panoramic view:


Far left in great room.. you can see the front door on the left. The offices are the rooms with the widows.



Offices and middle of the great room. The space over the offices will be storage.  Elevator shaft is open in front.







Far right of the great room.  The framing of these rooms will cut down some of the noise.  You are looking at the master bedroom window and  glass door to the deck.

OH WOW!   Home Depot called to say our Front Doors are HERE!

They will be delivered soon… here is a quick view of them








This is all we could see, too.  But the box has our name on it, so I really think it is going to happen!

Well, Wednesday December 19 is here!  Cliff will be waiting at the Dome for the delivery.








As he waits, he prepares the opening for the doors.

The truck arrives, with only 1 person to deliver 2 90+pound bath tubs, a studio door and the much awaited front doors









Here they are!  Coming off the truck with the help of fantastic friends: Mike Euga, Lori and Ron Sorg and Cecil Hall –oh, yes, and the truck driver, Diego.  [In all fairness to him, he was NOT advised the doors were to go to the 2nd floor]









Speaking of 2nd floor, here the doors are slowly making their way UP.









First the frame goes in.. and here is one shot of me actually helping.   I am holding the frame as Cliff gets ready to secure it.  Did you know you could actually have 3 corners perfectly square out of 4?  Then the 4th one can be so out of square that nothing fits right?  Cliff learned that a long time ago with the lanai doors.  He learned the lesson well and these corners came together much better.  Also lots of prayers for wisdom did not hurt, either!









With the frame square and secure, he has put in 1/2 of the doors.








Alas they are IN!  The hardware is more than half complete and we ran out of day light.  It was a great day, tho.

I will fill in some of the other photos… such as the 2 tubs and the other doors… these will go into the studio ..  but it is late and I am pooped!

studio doors... for a later date








Here are the Studio doors.  They will sit safely in the storage area on the 1st floor.  Next year I will show you the tubs :>

Come back soon!  More photos to document our progress!