Vitamins are NOT the answer for men concerned about prostate cancer

CBS news story Vitamin E and Selenium

While watching the CBS news tonight, one day before I am to leave for the Juice Plus Convention in Nashville, TN,  I was shocked to hear these results from a study recently done on over 35,000 men looking at the effects of Vitamin E and Selenium in the prevention of Prostate Cancer.  It was found that the Vitamin E group had a 17% RISE in Prostate Cancer.

Dr LaPook said it best.  Hear the broadcast from Oct 11, 2011.  Dr LaPook says in his last sentence:  “eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables.”

There is no substitute for eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, at least 7-13 servings every day. But if you’re like most people, you don’t eat enough fruits or vegetables or enough variety. And those fruits and vegetables that we do eat tend to be over processed, over-cooked, or too far removed from the field. That’s why there’s Juice Plus+. It’s a convenient, affordable, and natural whole food based nutritional product providing nutrition from 17 vegetables, fruits, and grains.

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