Dome Home 2010-2011

Our Dome is a 2 story building.  Upstairs, we have planned a nice deck off the dining room.  Cliff has been working on the wall… a straight wall!   Our first straight wall in our round house!

December 2010 and January 2011    Click on any photo to enlarge







He has been putting up walls and putting in windows.  The BIG space is for a nice double door.  The single door is to the master bedroom.

February 2011

We have been very busy at the Dome Home.  Early this year, Cliff opened up the Deck on the 2nd floor.  The first cut into the Airform, allowing ‘light’ to enter was exciting.




I even helped pull out nails from the airform.








It was a long day… but really worth it!  LOVE THIS VIEW!                                          [click the photo to enlarge… you will see the ‘wetlands’ in the background]


April 2011

Time to deliver the doors!









Here are the doors on Blake’s truck.  If it were not for good friends and LOTS of prayers, we would not have our doors.







The double doors weigh about 300+ pounds.  We have Pastor Terry, Pastor Ron and Jerry to help hold and guide as Cliff moves up the lift.








Here is where I did the most praying!  Watching this door come up to the 2nd floor.. inch by inch… that was frightening!


They look even better when in place!




While we were moving the doors up, we also had flooring to move up… thanks to Cecil.. for helping with the sheets!









Eventually we had all the sheets to the 2nd floor and Cliff began putting down the 2nd subfloor. You can see the 2nd layer of flooring in place.  It is 1/2″ floor sheeting plywood.












In  October, we took a look around to see where the rooms really will be located.  Cliff’s most important room is HIS kitchen and here is the pantry.

The opening behind the pantry is the [eventual] elevator.  Now you can see the space that is my working studio  :>









Here is the Left Office Space










The Right Office Space which is behind the hall bathroom









The Hall Bathroom which will have a pocket door  [oh, goodie!]










The Master Bath -shower… it is HUGE.. the space that Cliff is in– is actually the laundry.  The walk-in shower is behind him.









He is ready to put in more windows — just a little side note:   None of the window bucks were made to the correct size  because none of the windows were ordered for the correct size.  Considerable work  is needed at each window buck to make the window fit.

Since they are on the 2nd floor, the ladder is needed.










The window buck is worked to accept the size of the window and then the airform is cut away leaving a nice breeze thru the room!










Putting in window one

[opps…can’t find photo!]


Then finally the view of the NEW windows from the driveway.  We are pooped and going home for the day!









If you were wondering about the paint you see on the 2nd floor.  We were in the process of painting when Cliff had his actual heart attack in June, 2006.  We had a lot of the mint green in place and have the light blue that will seal the ceiling .. which will happen soon…   :>

Time to put up some of the walls  10-11-11

This is one piece of the hall bathroom










Next we have to coax it to the right position, so Cliff stands patiently waiting for me to take this photo.









Ok.. time for another wall!  This is the view from the elevtor shaft.  I was in the shaft for the photos.










And you can see the Pocket Door opening!


We are still working.. it takes time, sometimes longer than we expect!  I keep asking ‘how long did Noah take to build that big boat???’

Walls went up around the laundry room which is between the master shower and hall bath.









Another day of successful building.   Remember this is a curved house, so the walls are not straight and the boards are.  Small cuts into the wood help the wood curve to fit.










WOW.. the Master bath is taking shape!  The photo on the right  is for the wall around the ‘potty’.  This brings us up to November.










We will be looking for the kitchen island parts as the sink and dishwasher will be in the island.


November 15, 2011

Walls are up around the potty in the Master Bath, this means 99% of the work has been done to prep for the plumber….  we have to find the island sink and dishwasher I guess it is 98% done!








November 17, 2011





Since we are in a holding pattern at the moment, Cliff has been leveling the area around the front to get ready to build stairs.

The footings are dug

and the rebar is set,

waiting for an inspector to say ‘LET’S GET ON WITH IT!”

Here you can see the pads for the front steps and a close up of the landing pad.   This brings us up to the Sunday after Thanksgiving, 2011.








Before the end of November…  we actually got the footing inspection scheduled and all was well.  Then Cliff started hauling, mixing and pouring 80 pound bags of concrete!










He  remembered to come back and ‘date’ them…  guess my ‘journaling this project’ is rubbing

December ended with our dear plumbing friends ‘starting’ the water-works on December 30.  Here are the necessary drains in all the appropiate rooms.









the hall bathroom









master potty and Cliff’s sink drain








Ah…. the island in the kitchen.  This is for the sink and dishwasher.










December ends with the plumber here and ready to rock our world with LARGE PVC pipe…necessary for hot and cold running water!



Please stay tuned for more changes in 2012, we will continue to make great progress!