Creative Energy

When asked how long I have been a nurse, I reply  I have been a nurse ‘mentally’ since the 4th grade.  Something at that time took root in my brain, being a nurse was all I could imagine.  Looking back at many difficult hospital and EMS experiences, I realize that I would rather ‘help’ folks before they get to a ‘major crisis’ health state.

This is the main reason I teach a variety of  ‘creative energy’  things.  These are craft techniques used to occupy one’s consciousness for various periods of time.  During this ‘craft time’, one is separated from what is going on in their life. It becomes a ‘meditative’ experience.

Techniques from a Pain Management Program taught me that  Creative Energy Is A Healing Energy.  It can be used for pain, stress and anxiety relief.  Sometimes learning a new technique may be stressful at first… it is a learning curve.

If you want to learn something, you can do it. It may take extra work on your part.  You have to be determined.  You have to develop a passion for it.

Chris Waddell is a great example of carrying out his passion.  He climbed Mt Kilimanjaro,  which does not seem unusual, except he is a paraplegic.  This link and video about Chis, and others labeled ‘disabled’  helped me realized we all have things that make us different.  We all have things we can not do. However, on a positive side, we all have abilities.  Things we can do.  Focus on developing YOUR passion and your ABILITIES.