Juice Plus


Conference 2011

oh such energy!







Cliff and I were introduced to Juice Plus in July 2010.  It was an amazing discovery.  The ability to affect your health with whole food nutrition is turning out to be a dream come true.   We began taking the capsules and I became a distributor.

Please look at the research on this product on my site.  If you are not in the United States, you can click on ‘Select your Location’ to see if your location is listed.  The product is available in 20+ countries around the world.

Most of us have to admit that we do NOT get the daily requirements of Fruits and Vegetables.  We all have to eat on the run on occasion.  Trying to eat right is a challenge. Juice Plus is 17 fruits and vegetables for as little as  $1.50 a day!  Where can you get quantity and quality for this price?  Especially now with the increasing cost of food due to crop destruction from natural disasters.  Our budgets and paychecks are stressed to the limits.  Taking Juice Plus really makes sense.

The future of our children is in our hands. This company knows this and is doing something about it.    The Children’s Health Study is a way to improve your child’s health and nutrition.  If you wish to enroll your child, please contact me.

After reading the information and watching the videos, you may be ready to ‘try it’,  especially if you have a desire to be healthier.  You can order product from my site [STORE] or you can contact me for assistance.

Just e-mail me patsy@monkink.com