Visitors to Dome Home

We have a very active Butterfly garden… enjoy some of our friends!
2013   {click any image to enlarge}

yum!     countcan you count all the caterpillars?  there are 6!visitorlooking 


close up! check out the eyes!

We also have some lizzard friends

lizzard looking


we have Gulf Fritillary butterflies!  Here is a brief review of their life cycle.  It has been too awesome to watch the changes!

Hope you enjoy!

frit eggsfrit 1-c


they shed their skin… like a snake :>

frit 1

frit 2

cap 3




then the area over their head

frit 4





they stay this pale red/brown for about an hour then back to dark spikes!

frit 5frit 6 1 hr later after they get as big as they are supposed to get, they start looking for a place to attach to become a Chrysalis!


frit 7





he hung upside down over night frit 8then became a wood/dead leaf looking chrysalis!  about a week to 10 days later, out it comes to dry it’s wings then off to enjoy the world!frit 9

July, 2007  Fleeting visitors

The ponds host a number of beautiful dragonfly friends.  Click to enlarge image


June 15, 2007





Another visitor to Hale Honua.  This doe is seen around the wetlands most mornings.    Click to enlarge image.  I really did not chop off his head  LOL

July 19, 2006





A Florida gopher  vists Hale Honua.   Click to see the whole head.     Be sure to see the artwork  this gopher inspired.     Click to enlarge image

March 2012… we had some interesting visitors…..  in the front pond  [also called pond A]  we had this young water critter… you will want to click on the photo to enlarge it!Driving down Spencer Parrish, a short cut to the dome, I spied a large, dark bird.  Little did I know it would be one of our majestic neighbors!  We have a beautiful family of nesting eagles on US 301 and on occasion, they visit us to check out the fish population in the ponds!  What a great site!  click to enlarge the image.

October,  2012, we have had been enjoying Monarch Butterflies

We have had so many of the little hungry critters, we took them over to a friend who also loves these winged beauties as much as we do….

Now to grow more Milk Weed  :>

Feburary 23,  2006








No, this isn’t at the house site…  it was a beautiful pink tree in the fog in Sarasota this morning.  Click to enlarge image.


Summer 2014….. We had our first alligator visitor!



Photo here;)



we found at trapper who caught our 5’2″ male friend and agreed to deliver him unharmed to a farm in Plant City. It us not his fault he was born an alligator…he just could not live in THIS pond.











Information on Dome Homes

This dome in Pensacola Beach, Florida, took a direct hit from Hurricane Ivan in September of 2004.  As the aerial photograph shows, the adjacent house was completely destroyed, while the dome itself sustained only minor damage.

At the time Ivan roared through Florida, we were in Texas, learning to build our dome at the Monolithic Dome Institute.  This is a great site to learn more about domes for residences and commercial/industrial uses.