Mixed Media

Catch of the Day

Donated to and auctioned by A Taste of Tampa, April 2008.

It won the Critics Choice Award for the Glass/Ceramic category and was sold at auction for $260.00.

It was developed with a recycled theme.  We have so much to use that is already in our possession.  ‘Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do or do without’.

  • tray – from Goodwill
  • glass/mirror — donated between 1995-2006
  • platter — church thrift store
  • fish — photo from clip art
  • purple-paper-pulp — from freezer from past paper making days [this was the 3D fish over which the photo was placed]
  • painted w/ Black Gesso–90% off sale at craft/paint store
  • silverware –church thrift store .. wired with donated wire & hand made glass beads from mosaic glass & sea shells [real shells]
  • 2 things were brand new… the grout as I did not have a sanded ‘almond’ & the fish ‘eye’ was made from new glass for this piece

Detail of Fish

Detail of Knife on Plate


Donated to and auctioned by A Taste of Tampa, March 2007.