I love clay & I love glass… these ‘eyeballs’ are made of soda lime glass and are annealed in a controlled annealer to make them as strong a product as possible.

Striving to make a matching pair is my goal, however, they ARE hand made & this is not always 100% possible. Some pieces of work only require ONE eye, so buying a matched set may not be an issue.

There will be sets of 3 ‘eyes’ to a card, they may be 3 different sizes and/or 3 different colors. Sizes will be as small as 2.75mm and as large as 5.5mm, measured across the front of the eyeball.

If you have a specific ‘look’ you are going for, please contact me, I would like to help you make that happen.

To make the hole for an ‘eye’… I use a straw, this one is 6.25mm, the big Slurpie kind of straw

The eyes on the Right side of the mask are 4mm
The eyes on the Left side of the mask are 5.5mm

The mask shown here has been cured after the final shape/design was determined.


Apply clay to the eye ball with the wire or without. The eye can be pushed INTO a ball or clay or wrapped [as in this photo]. The wire can help secure the eye/eyes.

Should the eye be too long, the thin loop of glass can be broken away by holding the eye in a piece of fabric & using small pliers to pop off the glass. USE CAUTION WHEN DOING THIS.. it IS glass.

Or should the loop break when you are working with your eye, not a problem, it can still be placed in clay & then cured into the final piece.

The eyes are placed into the mask. Additional clay will be used to secure the clay to the cured piece. Placing a bit of ‘liquid clay’ will assist in the bonding of cured to raw clay.

Check from the front to see if you are getting the effect you want.

Frog and Turtle pieces by Marcia Kaszuba